(161) Si Señor Grill & Cantina

October 12, 2011

Si Señor Grill & Cantina – Mexican Restaurant in Stone Oak

Si Señor Grill & Cantina recently opened on Stone Oak Parkway, just north of Huebner Rd (Where Indigo Joes & My Big Fat Greek Restaurant used to be…).  Well, of course we had to give this place a try, right!  This is San Antonio…so we love a good Mexican Restaurant!

When we walked in, the first thing we noticed were all of the Sombreros on the ceiling.  (Quick Spanish Lesson:  Sombrero in English refers to a type of wide-brimmed hat originating in Mexico. In Spanish, however, it is the generic word for “hat”, which originates from “sombra”, meaning “shade”…Thanks Wikipedia)

The next thing we noticed was all the fun going on!  There was a party happening in the bar area that overflowed onto the expansive outdoor patio!  Everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves (and the margaritas…)!  It was great!

In the dining area, people were also enjoying themselves (and their food…), just a little less enthusiastically!

We were seated promptly & before we knew it, we had chips, salsa & shrimp broth on the table.  The shrimp broth was something new for us…. It was a sample size taste of shrimp soup…pretty tasty.

We were having dinner with a client & were glad to be seated at a nice big table where we could spread out all of our paperwork & take care of some business….Not too much business that we couldn’t enjoy dinner though!

Si Señor Grill & Cantina is definitely not a Tex-Mex restaurant…they offer very traditional & authentic mexican cuisine.

We did order a couple of simple mexican plates…Chicken Fajitas & Veggie Tacos… But, one dish that we ordered was the Molcajete Si Señor (Spanish Lesson #2:  A molcajete (Mexican Spanish, from Nahuatl mulcazitl) is a stone tool, the traditional Mexican version of the mortar and pestle tool, similar to the South American batan (stone) used for grinding various food products…. Thanks again Wikipedia)

The Molcajete Si Señor was very cool.  Well, actually it was very hot…boiling, in fact!  It was a bowl full of a saucy, soupy, spicy mexican concoction served with Chicken, Beef & even Cactus!

Overall, everything was very good.  It must have ben, because we had no leftovers!

Next time we visit Si Señor Grill & Cantina we will definitely have to take in some of this great Fall weather on the inviting patio & most likely a margarita (or two)!   Maybe we can squeeze in a Happy Hour soon…which they offer from 3-6pm Monday thru Friday…with Free happy Hour Snacks and great prices on Domestic Drafts, Well Drinks & House Margaritas!


(159) Drew’s American Grill

October 4, 2011

Drew’s American Grill recently opened and we were super excited to get to try out this new restaurant.  Drew’s is located at Stone Oak Pkwy & 1604 where Watermark Gill (and Reggiano’s) used to be.  This spot has always been such a great venue for dining, so we were very happy that we were going to get to enjoy it again!

But, what was Drew’s American Grill?  We had never heard of it.  It definitely looked well thought out & sophisticated. After doing a little online digging (like I always do…) we discovered that Drew’s was not a franchise, but actually an entirely new restaurant opened by Drew Glick, who had just recently moved to San Antonio from New York.

When we arrived at Drew’s for lunch, we were glad to see many changes had been made inside & out.  They did a great job of brightening it up a bit, while still keeping an intimate & classy feel.

With the hot summer weather starting to make its departure, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful afternoon outside on the inviting patio! It almost felt like we were on vacation somewhere, with the cool breeze, relaxed atmosphere & surrounding palm trees!

The wait staff was very attentive & accomodating…and Drew, the owner, made a point to say hello & welcome us to his restaurant…a very nice touch!

The menu boasts some incredible choices!  Wanting to keep lunch light, we decided on the Grilled Veggie Sandwich & the Asian Chicken Salad.  Again, they were very accommodating and the few substitutions we asked for were granted with a smile!  We thoroughly enjoyed both dishes.

The entire experience was superb!

We are excited to welcome Drew’s American Grill to the Stone Oak & North San Antonio area!

We are also excited to go back soon & try more of their great menu selections!

(156) zpizza – Sonterra

September 20, 2011

zpizza recently opened on Sonterra in the Stone Oak & Far North San Antonio area…

Who doesn’t like pizza, right?  Well, zpizza is a little different… It may seem contradictory, but they actually offer Healthy Pizza options!  That’s right…delicious & healty pizza!

It’s all about the ingredients…

First, of course is the crust… You can choose from dough made from 100% organic wheat flour, whole wheat or even gluten-free…all prepared fresh every day!

They offer many different sauces too…Basil Pesto, BBQ, Chipotle Pesto, Marinara, Roasted Garlic, Thai Peanut, and of course, Tomato…but their tomato sauce is 100% Certified Organic!

As far as meat choices go…they have the traditionals, like italian sausage, ham & pepperoni…but they also offer choices like nitrate-free & lower fat meatballs & chicken sausage!  Want to keep it Vegan?  Go for the veggie burger crumbles!

Speaking of vegan, they even have a vegan cheese option!

Then you get to their veggie selection…which is huge…everything from artichoke hearts to roasted eggplant to zucchini!

Sounds like you could have some fun creating your own healthy pizza, right!!

You can definitely get creative or you can go with one of their well-thought out original selections….How about The Tuscan?  It comes with roasted garlic sauce, mozzarella, shiitake & button mushrooms, caramelized onions, feta cheese, truffle oil & thyme…YUM!! (only 7 grams of fat per slice, by the way…)


Is anyone else getting hungry??  I am getting a craving for some zpizza right now…and I haven’t even touched on their delicious salads & sandwiches!

Regardless of what you order at zpizza…it is sure to be fresh, unique & delicious!!

Once you have tried this great new pizza place, you have to let us know what your favorite zpizza is!!

You can find zpizza in the Stone Oak / Far North San Antonio area at

700 E Sonterra Blvd, Suite 1103

San Antonio TX, 78258



(154) Cheddar’s Casual Cafe

September 9, 2011

Cheddar’s Casual Cafe recently opened a location on I10 just inside 1604, near La Cantera.

We had never eaten at a Cheddar’s and when we went a few days ago with family to try it out, we had no idea what to expect.

When we arrived, the parking lot was packed and it looked like we might have to wait a while for a table…But, they told us 15 minutes or less…so we got on the list.  About 10 minutes later, we were seated at a big, cozy corner booth!

The atmosphere was very warm and comfortable, especially for how big the restaurant actually was inside!

Our server was very prompt & extremely informative…We asked a lot of questions about the menu which offered a large variety of items that looked very tempting!  They really have something for everyone…And, the prices are extremely reasonable!

We skipped the appetizers…But, we did see an enormous stack of onion rings being delivered to another table that must have been a foot high!

I ordered one of their many salads & was extremely glad I did…. It came out with a fresh-baked honey butter croissant that was absolutely amazing!

What else was ordered at our table??  Let’s see, some Grilled Salmon with Rice & Veggies, a Mouth-Watering Burger & Fries and a Monte Cristo Sandwich!  Have you ever had a Monte Cristo?  It’s smoked turkey and ham, and two cheeses on fresh bread…battered and cooked until golden, served with a side of raspberry preserves!  That’s right, the whole sandwich is fried!   I had a bite…pretty yummy, definitely decadent.

What was my favorite thing from the whole meal?  I gotta admit…the honey butter croissant won me over!

Everyone at the table was extremely happy with their meal selection & we definitely plan on dining at Cheddar’s again soon!

(153) Pasha Mediterranean Grill – The Vineyard

September 3, 2011

Pasha Mediterranean Grill recently opened its location in The Vineyard Shopping Center at 1604 & Blanco.

We had heard great things about the original Pasha, which is located on Wurzbach, but had never tried it.  Now that is was right around the corner we had no excuse…Plus we totally enjoy some good Mediterranean grub!

So…it was early on a Sunday afternoon…right around lunch time & we decided it was as good a time as any to try it out!  We go there around 12:30 and the place was packed…all the tables were full and there were groups of people waiting patiently for one to free up.  We decided to do the same…figuring if this many others were willing to wait for it, the food must be great!

We only ended up waiting about 15 minutes…but we were starving & ready to dig into some of the food that we had been seeing everyone enjoying while we waited!

We started off by ordering some of the homemade Naan (house flatbread baked to perfection in their tandoor oven) & some the Greek Feta Cheese mixed with Za’atar and extra virgin olive oil, garnished with sliced tomatoes and kalamata olives (like I said, we were hungry…).  Lucky for us, it came out quickly & it was delicious!

On to the main cousre…We eached tried a Shawarma Plate…One Beef & one Chicken…thinly sliced and served with garlic sauce, Hummus and Greek Salad.  Again, delicious!

Ahh…full.  Yes, definitely full. In fact, too full for desert…and they had some pretty tasty looking pastries.  Next time!

We were definitely glad we had waited & will definitely be back to Pasha Mediterranean Grill soon for more!

Pasha at The Vineyard
1207 N Loop 1604 W., Ste. 122
San Antonio, TX 78258

(151) Capricciosas Gourmet Pizza

August 23, 2011

Capricciosas Gourmet Pizza has just opened up at Stone Oak & Hardy Oak…and you are gonna love this place!

Who doesn’t love pizza, right?  Well, at Capricciosas you will find nothing but the freshest ingredients…and many unique ingredients that you don’t usually find at your local pizza joint!

In their Deli Line of Pizzas you will find great choices like the Double Pepperoni, the Vegetarian, or the delicious Palmetto with Hearts of Palm, Feta, Spinach & Parmesan!

If you want to go a little more bold…their Gourmet Line offers choices like the Philly Cheese Steak or the Smokey with Prosciutto, Smoked Oysters, Black Olives, Spinach & Parmesan!!  YUM!

Or, of course if you want, you can create your own pizza masterpiece!

Capricciosas Gourmet Pizza not only has great pizzas…they also have some incredible Salads & Appetizers!  Their Mac & Cheese Deluxe is outta this world!

I’m serious…on our first visit to Capricciosas, we tried a pizza from their Gourmet Line…the Delicia…and i could have sworn for a minute that we were back in Italy!  The crust had just the right amount of crispiness  and the toppings were mouth-watering…Proscuitto, Goat Cheese, Salami, Provolone, Spinach & Parmesan!

It was delicious!

Capricciosas Gourmet Pizza

20079 Stone Oak Pkwy

San Antonio, TX 78258

(148) Copeland’s of New Orleans – Village at Stone Oak

August 14, 2011

Copeland’s of New Orleans opened up on July 4th in The Village at Stone Oak Shopping Center in Far North San Antonio…. We had been watching it go up in anticipation and dying to try some of their “New Orleans Culinary Traditions!”

Only one problem…when they finally opened we were full speed ahead in our lite & healthy eating mission and somehow Crab Cakes, Catfish Creole,  Shrimp Po-Boys, and Home-made Cheese Cake didn’t seem that it would fit in (even though it sounded absolutely delicious)!

So…we put off going until we were going to have a “cheat day.”  Well, after several weeks of waiting & waiting, we got tired of not knowing what this new place was like…. So, we decided to check it out with a new mission of not breaking our stride!

We went on a Sunday afternoon and they were having Brunch…They were serving up all kinds of Benedicts & Omelets as well as anything from their full menu…Plus, Bloody Mary’s and Bottomless Mimosas & Champagne. 

It was great!  The place was packed & everyone was really enjoying themselves in the fun relaxed atmosphere!  Oh, and to top off the mood…there was a live jazz band playing!

We were seated in a cozy little booth and our service was friendly, informative & prompt! 

We found a couple of salads on the menu that sounded great and then started to cave…we decided to order some crab cakes to split as an appetizer.  Then, when we took a closer look at the menu, we noticed that they offer them both fried & broiled!   So, we ordered the broiled!  Score! 

Everything was delicious!  We didn’t feel like we were missing out on a thing! 

The atmosphere was perfect and the food & service were great!

We are super excited to have Copeland’s of New Orleans in the neighborhood!

Ok, ok…next time we will definitely have to try some of their classic New Orleans’ dishes & some of that fantastic looking cheesecake!