(27) Stone Oak Park

June 13, 2010
So…this morning started off like most of our mornings…coffee, a little work on the computer & then get ready to head down to the gym…Then we thought, let’s do something a little different. So, we hopped in the car & headed just down the street to Stone Oak Park.

Stone Oak Park has walking trails on both sides of Stone Oak Parkway, so we had to then decide between “Spider’s Dare” or “Snake Chase” Trail? We decided on “Snake Chase” Trail.


While along the trail, we took in the array of plants and wildlife, from the Texas Sotol flower stalks, to the Texas Thistles to the beautiful butterflys & cardinals and the Texas Horned Lizard. We also passed some exercise stations & the open air amphitheater…how cool!

Before we knew it we were passing by our first 1/4 mile marker, then the next…

We said hello to the others along the way…some with their ipods, some with their dogs, some with strollers, & some even on their bicycles…When we headed back, we notice the children playing on the playscape at the entrance…Everyone sure seemed to be enjoying their morning!

We got some exercise. We got some sun. We sweat out some toxins. We got to enjoy & even learned about some nature. It sure was a refreshing change to our typical eliptical, stationary bike, free weights & national news filled mornings!

Next time, we will take on “Spider’s Dare” and the caves…

Stone Oak Park is located near Canyon Ridge Elementary School on Stone Oak Parkway, about 1 mile west of HWY 281. “Snake Chase” Trail, the

playscape, & the open amphitheater are located on the south side on Stone Oak Pkwy. “Spider’s Dare” Trail as well as “Bear Cave” & “Cub Cave” are located on the north side of the street.

The park is open daily from 7:30 am until sunset.