(161) Si Señor Grill & Cantina

Si Señor Grill & Cantina – Mexican Restaurant in Stone Oak

Si Señor Grill & Cantina recently opened on Stone Oak Parkway, just north of Huebner Rd (Where Indigo Joes & My Big Fat Greek Restaurant used to be…).  Well, of course we had to give this place a try, right!  This is San Antonio…so we love a good Mexican Restaurant!

When we walked in, the first thing we noticed were all of the Sombreros on the ceiling.  (Quick Spanish Lesson:  Sombrero in English refers to a type of wide-brimmed hat originating in Mexico. In Spanish, however, it is the generic word for “hat”, which originates from “sombra”, meaning “shade”…Thanks Wikipedia)

The next thing we noticed was all the fun going on!  There was a party happening in the bar area that overflowed onto the expansive outdoor patio!  Everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves (and the margaritas…)!  It was great!

In the dining area, people were also enjoying themselves (and their food…), just a little less enthusiastically!

We were seated promptly & before we knew it, we had chips, salsa & shrimp broth on the table.  The shrimp broth was something new for us…. It was a sample size taste of shrimp soup…pretty tasty.

We were having dinner with a client & were glad to be seated at a nice big table where we could spread out all of our paperwork & take care of some business….Not too much business that we couldn’t enjoy dinner though!

Si Señor Grill & Cantina is definitely not a Tex-Mex restaurant…they offer very traditional & authentic mexican cuisine.

We did order a couple of simple mexican plates…Chicken Fajitas & Veggie Tacos… But, one dish that we ordered was the Molcajete Si Señor (Spanish Lesson #2:  A molcajete (Mexican Spanish, from Nahuatl mulcazitl) is a stone tool, the traditional Mexican version of the mortar and pestle tool, similar to the South American batan (stone) used for grinding various food products…. Thanks again Wikipedia)

The Molcajete Si Señor was very cool.  Well, actually it was very hot…boiling, in fact!  It was a bowl full of a saucy, soupy, spicy mexican concoction served with Chicken, Beef & even Cactus!

Overall, everything was very good.  It must have ben, because we had no leftovers!

Next time we visit Si Señor Grill & Cantina we will definitely have to take in some of this great Fall weather on the inviting patio & most likely a margarita (or two)!   Maybe we can squeeze in a Happy Hour soon…which they offer from 3-6pm Monday thru Friday…with Free happy Hour Snacks and great prices on Domestic Drafts, Well Drinks & House Margaritas!


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