(157) Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

These days seem to be all about frozen yogurt…and the self-serve frozen yogurt shop is all the rage!

Orange Leaf is one of the most demanded brands in the frozen yogurt industry.  Good news…they have just opened a location in Stone Oak in Far North San Antonio!!

Orange Leaf has a great mission:  “To promote community and family by providing a great tasting, sensible, frozen dessert made just for you, by you, in an environment that is as visually uplifting as it is welcoming.”

Well…that sounds delicious & exciting!  And, that is exactly what Orange Leaf is!

A couple of nights ago, we had just finished a nice healthy dinner at home and were craving something sweet.  We remembered seeing the “Now Open” sign up at the new Orange Leaf on Stone Oak, so we headed over.

When we arrived it was nice to see the place was busy!  The decor is sleek & ultra-modern and very vibrant!  People were enjoying their yogurt inside as well as out on the patio.

We were glad to see that Orange Leaf offers some pretty healthy option…from low-fat like cheesecake  & chocolate mint to a non-fat & no sugar added vanilla!

We decided on the vanilla & then loaded it up with fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, kiwi & raspberries…then topped it off with some almond slices!  Then they weighed it, we paid & then we grabbed a table outside.

It was delicious & definitely hit the spot!

We welcome Orange Leaf to the Stone Oak & far North San Antonio area!

20079 Stone Oak Parkway
San Antonio,TX 78258


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