(153) Pasha Mediterranean Grill – The Vineyard

Pasha Mediterranean Grill recently opened its location in The Vineyard Shopping Center at 1604 & Blanco.

We had heard great things about the original Pasha, which is located on Wurzbach, but had never tried it.  Now that is was right around the corner we had no excuse…Plus we totally enjoy some good Mediterranean grub!

So…it was early on a Sunday afternoon…right around lunch time & we decided it was as good a time as any to try it out!  We go there around 12:30 and the place was packed…all the tables were full and there were groups of people waiting patiently for one to free up.  We decided to do the same…figuring if this many others were willing to wait for it, the food must be great!

We only ended up waiting about 15 minutes…but we were starving & ready to dig into some of the food that we had been seeing everyone enjoying while we waited!

We started off by ordering some of the homemade Naan (house flatbread baked to perfection in their tandoor oven) & some the Greek Feta Cheese mixed with Za’atar and extra virgin olive oil, garnished with sliced tomatoes and kalamata olives (like I said, we were hungry…).  Lucky for us, it came out quickly & it was delicious!

On to the main cousre…We eached tried a Shawarma Plate…One Beef & one Chicken…thinly sliced and served with garlic sauce, Hummus and Greek Salad.  Again, delicious!

Ahh…full.  Yes, definitely full. In fact, too full for desert…and they had some pretty tasty looking pastries.  Next time!

We were definitely glad we had waited & will definitely be back to Pasha Mediterranean Grill soon for more!

Pasha at The Vineyard
1207 N Loop 1604 W., Ste. 122
San Antonio, TX 78258

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