(148) Copeland’s of New Orleans – Village at Stone Oak

Copeland’s of New Orleans opened up on July 4th in The Village at Stone Oak Shopping Center in Far North San Antonio…. We had been watching it go up in anticipation and dying to try some of their “New Orleans Culinary Traditions!”

Only one problem…when they finally opened we were full speed ahead in our lite & healthy eating mission and somehow Crab Cakes, Catfish Creole,  Shrimp Po-Boys, and Home-made Cheese Cake didn’t seem that it would fit in (even though it sounded absolutely delicious)!

So…we put off going until we were going to have a “cheat day.”  Well, after several weeks of waiting & waiting, we got tired of not knowing what this new place was like…. So, we decided to check it out with a new mission of not breaking our stride!

We went on a Sunday afternoon and they were having Brunch…They were serving up all kinds of Benedicts & Omelets as well as anything from their full menu…Plus, Bloody Mary’s and Bottomless Mimosas & Champagne. 

It was great!  The place was packed & everyone was really enjoying themselves in the fun relaxed atmosphere!  Oh, and to top off the mood…there was a live jazz band playing!

We were seated in a cozy little booth and our service was friendly, informative & prompt! 

We found a couple of salads on the menu that sounded great and then started to cave…we decided to order some crab cakes to split as an appetizer.  Then, when we took a closer look at the menu, we noticed that they offer them both fried & broiled!   So, we ordered the broiled!  Score! 

Everything was delicious!  We didn’t feel like we were missing out on a thing! 

The atmosphere was perfect and the food & service were great!

We are super excited to have Copeland’s of New Orleans in the neighborhood!

Ok, ok…next time we will definitely have to try some of their classic New Orleans’ dishes & some of that fantastic looking cheesecake!


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