(145) Ziquid Lounge – Stone Oak

Ziquid Lounge has just opened in Stone Oak…Yep, another bar in Stone Oak…but this one is a bit different…

Ziquid Lounge not only serves up some fantastic cocktails, but they also have sushi, live music & <wait for it…> karaoke!  That’s right, karaoke in Stone Oak!

Ok…let’s start with the Drinks…. What are you in the mood for…Margaritas, Mojitos, Beer, Wine, Champagne, Sake, Martinis, Premium Liquor…how about bottle service??  Ziquid has it all!  Plus they have Happy Hour every Monday – Friday from 5-9pm.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the Sushi specials during Happy Hour too.  Yeah, sushi…some pretty tasty sushi, I must admit!  WHa’t even better?  They serve sushi late night…where else can you get sushi until mid-night?

Now of course while you are enjoying your beverages & your sushi, how about the great sound of some Live Music from the stage?  Can’t get much better, right?

Well…if you like Karaoke, it does get better…cause they have it…like every night.  And, Ziquid is open 7 days/week!

Ziquid Lounge is located in the Stone Oak Plaza shopping center at Stone Oak & 1604…where the Cigar Club was formerly located.


18730 Stone Oak Pkwy

San Antonio, TX 78258


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