(143) Serendipity Clothing – Resale & Consignment Boutique – Stone Oak

Serendipity Clothing is a Ladies’ Resale & Consignment Boutique that recently opened up in the Stone Oak area!
Our first visit to Serendipity Clothing was this past week for their Stone Oak Business Association Ribbon Cutting event…and I was super impressed!  This is definitely a store that will be welcomed with open arms in the area! 
They have a great selection of clothes…business atire, casual outfits, fun & flirty dresses, even a wedding dresses!  I gravitated to the rack that was full of little black dresses…who can’t use one more of these, right!
Then I found out about the shoe room…that’s right, they have an entire room full of gently worn shoes…from casual to designer!
As you make your way to the register, you find yourself surrounded by cases of unique jewelry & other must-have accessories!
This place is great and it has so much personality & character!
What else is great about Serendipity Clothing?  Well…you can take your lightly worn clothing & accessories & sell them on consignment!  So, you can make some extra cash (maybe to buy more clothes with)!  Plus, you can easily keep track of your consignment items & your account on their website!
Join their facebook page for great info on inventory & fantastic specials!!
Serendipity Clothing is located at the corner of Huebner @ Stone Oak Parkway in the Stone Oak Crossing Shopping Center
19141 Stone Oak Parkway, Suite 504
San Antonio, 78258
(210) 490-2232

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