(140) Izakaya Nin – Japanese Tapas & Sushi

Izakaya Nin – Japanese Tapas & Sushi

Let us first start of with Yum, Yum & Yum!  Ok, now that we have gotten that out of the way we can get down to explaining where that came from…

Izakaya Nin Japanese Tapas & Sushi recently opened in Stone Oak and we got a chance to explore this new culinary experience this week. 

As we first walked in, we immediately felt very comfortable in the casual yet refined atmosphere….some open seating, a few cozy booths, and several seats at the sushi bar that offer a bird’s-eye view of the action!

We were immediately greeted with a smile & then decided on a booth for maximum table space….  Since we were planning on trying several menu items, we figured we needed room to spread out!

That first question that typically comes from the server…”May I start you off with something to drink?” was a little more difficult to answer this go around…Izakaya Nin offers 30 different Sake selections carefully selected by Koji Kubo, a sake sommelier (and the owner), Koji Kubo!  How would we decide?  We wanted to try them all!  Ok…that’s not gonna happen in one sitting, that’s for sure.  But, we could definitely start with a couple of the Sake Flights, which each come with a selection of 3 sakes…. 

We chose one with 3 selections from different regions of Japan and one with a selection of smooth dry sakes.

It was quite fun sampling them…decifering the subtle flavors, from hints of vanilla, to fruity blends, to nutty undertones…they did a great job of complementing the food.

OK…now let’s talk about the food, which was the main reason we were there, right? 

We started off with some traditional Miso Soup & then began to explore their huge selection of Yakitori…which, by the way, is all grilled over white charcoal imported from Japan.


We ordered a Chicken & Green Onion Yakitori, which was teriyaki seasoned, simple & delicious. 

We also tried an Ika-Sugata-Yaki…which is a whole grilled squid!  When it came out to the table we were like “Oh Wow!”  We were super impressed!  It has lightly grilled & seasoned with only a little salt & pepper.  The flavor of the Binchotan white charcoal gave it a distinguished taste & it was amazing…with or without a little squirt of fresh lemon!

We enjoyed it so much that we wished we were sharing the experience with friends…so much that we uploaded a photo onto facebook.  Then throughout the rest of our dinner, we enjoyed all of the comments we received…everything from “What’s That??” to Where are you eating?” to “That looks amazing…Thanks for the invite!”


By this time, we were thoroughly enjoying every bit of our experience at Izakaya Nin…the comfortable atmosphere, the attentive service, the sake (we were now trying some hot sake) & the exciting food…

Then, the sushi that we had ordered was brought to our table & things got even better!  It was fresh and perfectly prepared.  Good sushi has a tendency to make us pretty happy & at this point, you could find smiles on both of our faces!

Izakaya Nin – Japanese Tapas & Sushi is definitely one of our new favorite spots.  We are excited to welcome them to Stone Oak!

We are also eager to keep exploring their traditional yet innovative menu selections.  Next time we will have to come for lunch and try one of their Bento Boxes!  And, we can’t wait to share this place & the experience with friends!

Izakaya Nin – Japanese Tapas & Sushi

20330 Huebner Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78258




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