(138) The Egg & I on Sonterra

The Egg & I on Sonterra is a perfect place for a relaxing Saturday morning breakfast!

I mean really…what a better way to kick of the weekend than to sleep in a little then head over to The Egg & I and let them prepare some of your favorite morning food & a much-needed cup of gourmet coffee!

The Egg & I is actually open for Breakfast & Lunch so…even if you find yourself relaxing at home a bit past normal breakfast time…that’s ok!

During breakfast, The Egg & I serves up everything you are looking for out of a yummy breakfast…pancakes, omelettes, waffles & amazing eggs benedicts!

It’s not all about breakfast & eggs though…during lunch you can choose from hearty sandwiched, delicious salads & savory soups!

Some of our favorite dishes…hmmm…let’s see…

The Patriot Waffle is amazing!  A golden brown waffle topped with Raspberries, blueberries and a light dusting of powdered sugar….you just feel good eating it!

And, we can’t go without getting some form of Eggs Benedict…wheter it is traditional benedict, Crabcakes Benedict, or Parisian Benedict which comes on a buttery croissant half layered with shaved ham, sautéed portabella mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese…it is sinful!

Oh…and they have some incredible 100% pure squeezed orange & grapefruit juices as well as delicious gourmet coffee!

The Egg & I is open daily from 6am – 2pm on weekdays & until 2:30 on weekends…so head on over for breakfast or lunch today!

The Egg & I

700 Sonterra Blvd #314

San Antonio, TX 78258

(210) 491-0010


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