(131) How Do You Roll? a Maki sushi bar

How Do You Roll? a Maki sushi bar opened today in Stone Oak!

How do you Roll? puts an entirely new spin on sushi!  This place is great! 

When we walked in, we were greeted right away & were asked how we wanted to roll… That’s just it…you get to decide what goes into each of your rolls!

First, you pick whether you want “Traditional” wrapped in seaweed or “Modern” wrapped in Soy Paper.

Next, you choose your rice…white or brown.

Then, you start filling it up…and they have all kinds of great stuff to choose from…avacado, cucumber, asparagus, green pepper, mushrooms, sweet tofu skin, spinach, sprouts, tamago (japanese egg omlette), jalepenos, cream cheese, even fruit such as strawberry & mango!

Ok…now it is time to choose your “meat” from choices such as crab stick, eel, tuna, salmon, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, beef, chicken, & even crawfish tails!!

Having Fun Yet?

Then, they roll it all up & slice it into 10 perfect pieces with a really cool slicing machine.

Not done yet…

You still need to pick out your toppings…how about some chili powder, crunchy tempura, sesame seeds, crab mix or masago??

Ok…last step…sauce it up!  Choose from teriyaki, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo, sweet chili, sesame chili oil, and more!

You can see how this can get pretty tasty, right?  Well, let me tell you first hand…it is delicious!

During our visit today, we tried out 4 rolls.  We chose 2 from thier “Featured Rolls” (rolls for those who are “not feeling very creative”)  – the Cali & the Eel, both Traditional with seaweed & white rice.

Then we made 2 of our own creations both Modern with soy paper with white rice…

One with avacado, spinach, sweet tofu skin and salmon rolled –  topped with sesame seeds & chili powder.

One with avacado, green onion, cucumber and crawfish tails – topped with sesame chili oil & sesame seeds.

They were all  D E L I C I O U S!!! (Although, I have to admit that the one with the crawfish was my favorite!)

How Do You Roll? a Maki sushi bar offers a fast, fresh & fun way for you to enjoy your favorite sushi rolls.   Maybe you don’t even know what your favorite roll is yet…as you have not created it yet!

How Do You Roll? a Maki sushi bar is located on Stone Oak Pkway (@Hardy Oak) in North San Antonio, TX.

20079 Stone Oak Pkwy. Ste. 1107
San Antonio, TX 78258

How Do You Roll? a Maki sushi bar in Stone Oak is open Monday – Sunday 11 – 9.



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