(122) Marioli – Meals TO GOurmet

For a while now, we had been wondering…What exactly is this little place on Tuscany Stone that we see from Stone Oak Pkwy as we drive by??  Many times as we pass by, there are people sitting out at the little bistro tables, enjoying the afternoon & some food…


Well, curiosity got the cat!  We stopped by the other day just to pop in & grab a menu…but ended up leaving with that days Brown Bag Secial…A ready made meal for 2…Organic House Salad, Tilapia With Almonds & Lemon Rice.  It was absolutely delicious.  There was no denying that it had been made fresh that day with quality ingredients!


With all of our busy schedules these days, sometimes picking up dinner to go just makes sense!  But let’s face it…how many nights a week can you feed yourself (& your family) fast food or pizza, right?!?!

Marioli – Meals TO GOurmet offers you a Fresh, Healthy & Delicious alternative. 

You can order ahead & choose from all kinds of yummy meals & sides…everything from Lasagna, to Chile Relleno, to Chicken, to Mac & Cheese… And, they will have it ready for you to pick up in time for dinner!

They also offer great sandwiches & salads that can be ready quicky as well as other ready made dishes!

So…If you are looking for a “Fresh take on Take-Out”… You must try Marioli – Meals TO GOurmet!!

One more thing…Marioli also specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes & cookies!  So, don’t forget your sweet tooth!

They cater too!  So next time you are planning an event, keep Marioli in mind!

Marioli – Meals TO GOurmet

18730 Tuscany Stone

San Antonio, TX 78258

(210) 496-1111


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