(119) Mexico to Go

So…a few days ago we were dying for some really good, authentic Mexican food…But, not in the mood to get all ready, go out, wait for service, tip…all that is entailed with dinner out.  And, I was definitely not in the mood to cook (and definitely not quallified to create the good Mexican meal we were craving)! 

So, we decided to get food from Mexico to Go on Evans Road…a place that had been referred to us by a friend.

Let me tell you what…It was excellent!

Mexico to Go is Homemade Mexican Cuisine cooked fresh every day at really affordable prices…”Cocina Economica”  They offer all of your favorite dishes  – made from scratch with only high quality natural ingredients – ready for you to pick up & take home!  It’s simple…all you have to do is pick out which dishes you want & how much…they put it all together for you & you are on your way.

We only live a few blocks away, but it smelled soo good on the short drive home that it was difficult not tearing into the bag in the car!  We made it though & totally enjoyed our dinner that night! 

We will be back soon!

Mexico to Go – is located on Evans Road, just east of Hwy 281.

2339 Evans Rd. Ste.#111,

San Antonio, TX


MON-FRI 10:30 AM-8:00 PM

SAT 9:30-8:00 PM


4 Responses to (119) Mexico to Go

  1. Luna says:

    Can’t wait to try it. Love the suggestions!

  2. Rebecca Nagy says:

    Will defintely be checking this one out! Sometimes eating out is too much of a hassle!

  3. troy martinez says:

    I had a bad first experience will not go back

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