(92) 46th St. New York Style Pizzeria


What make a pizza a “New York Style” pizza?  Let’s see…it must have a thin, foldable crust….Typically, it is hand-tossed & light on sause…and loaded with flavor! 


Well…that is exactly what we found at 46th St New York Style Pizzeria that just opened in the Fossil Creek shopping center at Bulverde & Evans!

 But…Great NY Style Pizza is not all they have!  They have fresh Focaccia Bread & Garlic Bread, delicious Salads, amazing Sandwiches (the Chicken Parmigiana is superb!), traditional & original italian Pasta dishes (you have to try their pasta caprese!), and of course mouth-watering deserts (the homemade Tiramisu is out of this world!) 

You know what else is great?  You can get pizza by the slice during lunch!

You must try this place, if you haven’t already!

46th St. New York Stlye Pizzeria

22250 Bulverde Rd. #119

San Antonio, TX 78261

(210) 490-4684  


5 Responses to (92) 46th St. New York Style Pizzeria

  1. marialee says:

    we went there a few days ago & had the toscano pizza…it was delicious! so glad to have this place right around the corner!

  2. Ari says:

    this is the best place!!!! sooo delicious! we got a large pizza, pasta w/ meatballs and chessey garlic bread- everything was soo tasty- even leftovers were great! this is our new pizza place- can’t wait to go back!

  3. Jen says:

    Everything there is so good. My favorite is the baked ziti and the foccaccia bread!

  4. Wilma says:

    An awesome pizza joint around the corner. Originally from NY. We have moved to VA now here in SA. Best pizza around. We have tried many, nothing close as NY pizza than this place. We love the wings and just a plain cheese pizza. Delicious! Crispy crust. We also had grilled chicken alfredo pasta and it was great. Now I’m craving. We go almost every weekend. It gets packed on Friday/Sat nights. We have waited patiently for pizza. =)

  5. Arthur & Edwina Colvino says:

    46th Street NY Style Pizza is awesome. The Pizza is great however try their Rigatoni with a mix of Marinara and Alfredo sauce which makes a “pink” sauce. The taste is outstanding.

    Take it from an Italian, I make homemade meatballs and sauce, and I’m pretty particular when attempting to eat someone else’s meatballs and sauce. Their’s passes my test!!!

    Make your next stop 46th Street, NY Style Pizza, you’ll be glad you did!!!!

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