(85) Extreme Pita



We have definitely found one of our new favorite places to get lunch!

We had been driving by on a regular basis to see if this place had opened…to our excitement, this week when we went by, it was!!  Our curiosity was going to soon be curbed!

So, we headed in…WHOA!  They had so many varities of pitas…this was going to be a difficult decision…

We knew we wanted to stick with something healthy…well that didn’t narrow it down much…almost the entire menu fit into that category…and we knew this because they have the nutritional info right there on the wall!!

We decided to try out a couple of different items…a Maple Dijon Chicken Pita & a Thai Chicken Flat Baked Pita (kinda like a pizza!)  Our meals were almost complete…we rounded them out with a cup of thai chicken soup a couple bags of fresh baked pita chips & a large drink.  To our surprise, they informed us that with the large drink cup, you get free refills…everytime you come back!  SWEET!

So…how was everything??  DELICIOUS…Can’t wait to try some of the other choices…maybe the Bourbon Chipotle Chicken Pita or the Buffalo Chicken Flat Baked Pita…We are officially becoming regulars at Extreme Pita! 

Extreme Pita is located on Med Court, just off of Stone Oak Pkwy, south of Huebner.

Extreme Pita

523 Med Court, Unit 102

San Antonio, TX 78258

(210) 444-9352


One Response to (85) Extreme Pita

  1. Gina R. says:

    I am addicted to their flat baked pitas…I think the Hawaiian Luau is my favorite…or maybe the Buffalo Chicken…it’s hard to decide!!

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