(52) Genghis Grill

MMM…MMM…I love me some Genghis Grill!
It’s fun creating your own bowl!

Choose your Protien (or Protiens)…Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Sausage, Crab, Ham…

Add Seasoning…Keep it calm with Citrus Garlic Herb or Steakhouse Blend or Spice it up with Dragon Salt…

Add your Veggies…Baby Corn, Mushrooms, Broccoli, Cabbage, Snap Peas, Potatoes, Celery, Peppers, Onions…be careful, your Bowl is getting pretty full at this point!

Select your Sauce (I like to mix up a few)…Honey Soy, Island Teriyaki, (Spicy) Szechuan, Khan Pao…

OK – You are almost done!
Hand it all over to the master grillers & Select your Starch…Spiral Pasta, Steamed Rice, Brown Rice, Fried Rice, Udon Noodles…
All you have to do now is take your number & make your way to your table…Before you know it, they will brink you your smoking hot creation!


Hey, if it’s not good…it’s your fault! Although, I have mixed & matched to my hearts desire & it comes out delicious everytime!
AND, If you are not full after your first bowl, you can do it all over again, again, all for one great price! If you choose to throw in the towel after just one bowl, you pay a little less…. I have never had the room for a second bowl…But, I see others do it all of the time!

Genghis Grill is located in the Legacy Shopping Center at 281 & 1604.

Genghis Grill
1903 N. Loop 1604E Suite 1106
San Antonio, TX 78259
(210) 496-5426


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