(47) Smokey Mo’s BBQ

Smokey Mo’s BBQ
This time of year I always find myself craving BBQ!
It’s always great to get together & have a cook out…but what if it is raining…or what if you don’t want all of the hassle, you just want good BBQ & you want it now?!? What can you do?? You can head over to
Smokey Mo’s BBQ!

Lean Brisket, Mouth Watering Sausage, Savory Turkey, Juicy Chicken, Tender Pork Loin…and some of the best BBQ sauce around! (I love that it’s got a little kick!) You can get it by the pound, as a sandwich or wrap, or even on a baked potato…add some fries or some delicious potato salad and maybe some fried okra or corn on the cob…Oh yeah, don’t forget the pickes & onions! MM MM MM!

They make it so tasty & they make it so easy for you to get!! You can eat it there at the restaurant, you can get it to go from inside or from the drive-thru or they will even cater your event & bring it to you!!

“Those who know eat at Mo’s”

Smokey Mo’s is located at the intersection of Bulverde Rd & Evans.


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