(40) Chango’s Havana Club

“Chango’s is all about the finer things in life and good times. Good music, great drinks & fine cigars…”
They have Live Music Tuesday – Saturday nights, everything from R&B to Latin Jazz to other local & national acts.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights it is all about the patio…where you can enjoy a beautiful evening while enjoying a refreshing beverage…anything from a Mojito to a Martini or a Beer, whatever your are in the mood for!

They have great Happy Hour specials daily from 4-7pm.

What are you doing still reading this?? Hop in your car, grab a few of your friends & head to Chango’s!

Chango’s is located on I10 just south of Boerne Stage Rd.

Changos Havana Club
23535 W I10 #1101
San Antonio, TX 78257

Changos Havana Club on Facebook


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