(38) Tink-a-Tako

OK…show of hands…Who DOESN’T like to sit back, enjoy some chips & salsa, some delicious mexican food & maybe a margarita (or two)?
Wait…I don’t see any hands!

I’ve got just the place…

Tink-a-Tako Mexican Food & Cantina!
They offer a relaxed, but fun atmosphere & can also accomodate large parties!
They have 12 locations, 2 of which are
conveniently located in far North San Antonio!
Their location at 281 & Encino Rio has an inviting patio area as well as a drive-thru…so, whatever pace you in the mood for…they have you covered!


They have fantastic Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Specials and TACOS, TACOS, TACOS!!!
MMM…All of this talk is making me hungry! I could

totally go for some of their Tortilla Soup & amazing Shrimp Enchiladas!!!

1662 Encino Rio
San Antonio, TX 78259
(210) 491-2700

Tink-A-Tako 20711 Wilderness Oaks
San Antonio, TX 78258
(210) 481-7700


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