(32) Juice Monkey Smoothie & Sports Nutrition

So…It’s a HOT afternoon…could you use something cool & refreshing about right now?
Well, we just enjoyed a fantastic smoothie from Juice Monkey Smoothies and Sports Nutrition…*Y*U*M*M*Y* !!!

They just opened in The Ridge Shopping center…as soon as we heard they had opened, we headed right over! It took a few minutes to decide which one we wanted to try first…Should we try one of the “Muscle Monkeys” with Nectar Whey Isolate Protein, or maybe a “Berry Delicious”, ooh…what about one of the “Island Drinks”or “Wired” smoothie featuring Body Effects Fat Burner??

After some careful deliberation, we chose the “Berry Delicious – Berry Top Banana”…a rich & creamy blend of rasberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, banana & nonfat yogurt.

As we waited (just a few minutes) for our smooties to be made, we perused the selection of protein powders and other nutritional supplements. Then, it was ready…How was it??
It was awesome!
Next time we go (which will probably be very soon), gonna have to try the “Monkey Margarita”…heard it was delicious!!

Juice Monkey Smoothie & Sports Nutrition
4553 Loop 1604 West Ste 1113
San Antonio, TX, 78249


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