(15) Thai Lao Orchid

So…we just finished up a great sushi dinner a couple of hours ago…AND it was 1/2 Price!
That’s right…1/2 price Sushi Rolls & Pieces at Thai Lao Orchid in the Legacy Shopping Center every Monday & Tuesday (for a limited time).

We got there about 8:30 pm & they were happy to serve us even though they close at 9:00. They did not rush us at all…In fact, there were several tables of people still enjoting there sushi when we left.

We were hungry …ordered 4 rolls & a few sushi pieces & 2 teas. Everything came out just as we ordered it & was fresh and tasty…mmmm!
And the best part…our check…only about $20!!
This offer is only for a limited time…maybe the next month or so…so plan on getting over there next Monday or Tuesday to take advantage of it!

Thai Lao Orchid also offers an array of delicious traditional thai food…everything from Pad Thai to Curry!

Thai Lao Orchid
18410 Hwy US 281 North, Ste 115
San Antonio, Tx 78259


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